Amazon / eBay SEO

eBay / Amazon Product SEO

Do you manufacture some product? Looking to sell them on Amazon or Ebay? Are the products not showing up on the search results? Are you looking for some way to sell your products more on Ebay and amazon? Well, then you need Amazon or Ebay SEO expert to work for you.

Who are we?

We are here to help you with our product promotion on amazon. We have dedicated team members who are experienced in this field and can you grow your business. People are searching for products on ebay and amazon, day in day out and there are millions of sellers on these sites.  And to stand out amongst them is not really an easy task. This is where we come in. irrespective of the product you want to sell; we help you with great expertise and make sure that you have a good business over those websites.

What do we do?

The first step is t launch the Seller Account: first we register, then get the approval of the category and register your brand. Once done, we start with the amzon consultancy and analytics to understand how your product is behaving.

The second step is the Account listing and auditing: we make sure that we monitor your product ranking properly, cut down the errors, and improve the tags and descriptions of your product and list your product in the correct category for more refined search.

The next step is to research about the Competitors: we make sure that we understand the mistakes of your competitors so that we can cash in where they are having the problem. We also review the competitor’s price to adjust yours and also we take the revenue amount into account as well.

The last part is the store optimization: we make sure to use optimized images, descriptions, tags, keywords. We also make sure to follow the store guidelines in order to improve your rankings. We can also add a short video if you are willing to spend that much because creating videos cost you extra money.

So, what are you waiting for ?

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