Facebook Ad Management

Professional Facebook Ad Management

Why do you need Advertisement?

When it comes to the online marketing, advertisement is the best way to do it. You need to understand the visual effect of the advertisements. According to the experts, advertisements when designed properly can attract more people than ever. In the online world also, advertising has the same value. So, if you own a business and have a website to promote it online, then go with the quality advertisement to get the best ROI.

Why facebook?

In case of offline advertisement you can choose TV or hoardings as your media. But in case of online advertisement you need to choose websites. Every high PR website provides you opportunity to put your ad on their pages in exchange of money. Now the question is where do you put it?

Well, social media pages like Facebook have the most users from round the world and this is the best place to put your ads. Also, when you create ad on facebook, they offer you demographic advertising options that is an extra benefit. Not only that, as because facebook is a social media you can categories on the users as well, like you can show specific products to females only and for the kids or the male, the advertisement will be different.

What do you get ?

Dedicated experts for

your ad campaign

Dedicated experts for

lead generation

Guiding to achieve

success in the market

Why choose Us ?

Well, even though Facebook has the advertising manager, you need someone to create, setup and monitor your ads. This is where we step in. We provide quality ad text with appealing content and maintain your ad throughout the day. All you need to do is pay a nominal amount that we charge for the service and you can be rest assured that your work will be done with quality.

Facebook Ad Management Prices

per month
7 Day Trial
Advertising Budget $500 – $1,199 / month
2 Custom Campaigns
Full Optimizations 2 / month
2 Ad Sets / Campaign
Conversion Tracking
Monthly Reporting
No Contracts
Monthly Conference Calls
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per month
Free Social Signals
Advertising Budget $3,000-$15,000 / month
4 Custom Campaigns
Full Optimizations 4 / month
8 Ad Sets / Campaign
Conversion Tracking
Daily Reporting
No Contracts
Bi-Weekly Conference Calls
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  • Diamond Facebook Ads Management Package  —  $799.00
  • Gold Facebook Ads Management Package  —  $399.00
  • Silver Facebook Ads Management Package  —  $149.00