On-Site SEO

Onsite SEO Optimization

What It Is ?

Onsite SEO optimization is the technique that ensures that the SEO score of your website is high. This is something that involves research and also some technical knowledge as well. You might need to correct the Html errors and add and delete few segments in order to maintain the SEO score of a website.

What Does It Include ?

It includes a series of thorough checking of your website. First of all you need to list a few things and then fix them one by one. The first thing is to check with the CSS and the Html Structure of the website. If there is any error in those files, you need to fix them immediately. The next thing is to add the “ALT” tag to every single images used in the website. The next thing is to check for the broken links. Once these are fixed you need to submit your website for the Dmoz listing and google webmaster. Also you need to fix your meta-data portions as well.All these are an important part of Onsite optimization and you should follow it from start till the end.

Does It Help ?

Of course it helps a lot. If there are no “ALT” tags, your website images are never going to get a rank in the google search. If there are broken links, your website value will decrease according to google. Also, if your broken links exists, those can be used by some other person for their benefit and you would never notice them.

Our Job

What our experts do is, check thoroughly your website and find out the errors your websites have. They will ask for your permission before they fix anything and once you agree to them, they will start with your work. Once done with all these, your website will have a higher SEO score and will be ready for Off Page SEO optimization.

So, what are you waiting for ?

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