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Keyword Research Service

Keyword research plays an important role in the SEO. If you want your website to go on the top of google search, you need to choose your keywords wisely. Also, picking up relevant keywords will help you reach the top of the search result. There won’t be any progress, if you choose your keywords in a wrong way. But choosing a keyword list is not really easy. You need to do a lot of research about the keywords. You need to understand which keyword will be beneficial for you and which one will be not. This is where we step in.  We provide quality work at a affordable cost and take all your burden on our shoulder completely.

How do we work?

Our approach towards keyword research is pretty simple. We go through simple steps to find out the most effective and important keywords that you can choose.

Demographic Target Audience:

We understand your audience better than anybody else and this is why we can choose the keywords depending on what they will be searching.

Long tail keyword:

We stay up to date with what google updates are doing currently. This is why we find out long tail keywords as well. We find out the proper blend of long tail keyword and the main keywords to maintain the balance.

Keyword competition:

We use authentic tools to find out which keywords are in competition related to your business. We find out the list of keywords which have a higher traffic and a moderate competition. This definitely helps our customer in the beginning phrases.

Relevancy and SEO:

We make sure that the keywords are related to your website and products. And also we choose those keywords only which will be beneficial for your SEO work.

Keyword Research Price

Amazon keyword or Adsense Keyword
500-1000 US monthly search
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Amazon keyword or Adsense Keyword
5000-10.000 US monthly search
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Amazon keyword or Adsense Keyword
10.000+ US monthly search
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  • Silver Keyword Research  —  $59.00
  • Gold Keyword Research  —  $99.00
  • Diamond Keyword Research  —  $299.00
  • Ultimate Keyword Research  —  $499.00