Google retired the transcoding of Light web pages

Google has announced that it is abandoning the seven-year-old Web Light service, which is primarily a web page for mobile devices and applications with fast and mobile connectivity.

The Google developer page for Google Web Channel and its associated user (googleweblight) has been removed. Google Web Fire

Introduced in 2015, the goal of the Light Web service is to make the web more accessible to users in countries with fast connections and mobile devices.

The service works by optimizing web pages to use 80% less data to download, resulting in a fourfold increase in speed over slower 2G mobile networks. According to Google, the service has a 50% increase in traffic to the web page.

Web Light worked on Chrome and Android browsers only when Google detected a slow connection. This feature is not optimized for desktop or tablet devices, only for mobile devices with slow connections.

Google Analytics still works on the best web pages. In terms of advertising, the Web channel supports Sovrn, Zedo, AdSense and Google Publisher tags.

So, in theory, the Web fire should not affect the advertising revenue, but it will increase it since the transcoded web pages received up to 50% traffic during that period. Web Light is no longer necessary

Seven years later, the availability of cheap but powerful mobile devices and better mobile connection speeds made the job unnecessary.

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