Google is launching new search technologies available for the first time in India, including the ability to search YouTube videos.

Google is launching new search technologies in India, one of the company’s largest search markets, including bilingual search results and search and video. This week, Google held its eighth Google For India event, where it unveiled the following search plans:

Video search
Bilingual search results
Bilingual voice search
Natural language search on Google Pay
Handwriting to text translation with Google Lens
These features may eventually make their way to North America, so it’s worth keeping them on your radar.

Here is more information about the features listed above, first released in India. Search in video

Google makes YouTube videos searchable.

When watching a video on YouTube, tap “Search in video” and enter the title of the video you want to jump to. Bilingual search results

Google makes search results bilingual in India, providing results in the user’s local language and results in English.

Google said in a blog post:

“Language needs in India are becoming more and more multilingual, and we are seeing this reflected in the user search experience. Apparently, many Google users in India are multilingual.

To make it easier for people who use more than one language to find and browse information, we are now making the search results page bilingual, for those who prefer it. »

The feature is available in Hindi and will expand to other Indian languages ​​including Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and Bengali next year. Bilingual voice search

Google is improving voice recognition technology for people who speak Hinglish, a hybrid of Hindi and English.

Searchers in India can search in Hindi and English in the same query, and Google will be able to understand what they are looking for.

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